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Youth Services Directory

The Youth Services Directory has been set up and complied by Mario Nio and Yuliana Ada on placement from South Western Sydney Institute (SWSI) Granville TAFE (Diploma of Community Services), under the supervision of Council’s Community Sector Advisor.

Council would also like to acknowledge Terrance Rone, Acting Youth services Team leader who assisted with the editing of the directory.

Emergency numbers are listed in the first section of the directory, followed by listing according to the type of service provided. As some organisations provide a variety of services for young people, their name may appear in the directory more than once under different headings.

The details of services have been provided by each of the organisations listed and are to be used as a guide only. Descriptions of each of the organisations have been summarised due to limitations of space.

If your organisations is listed in the directory and changes occur in the service you provide, please complete the form provided (last page) and email, fax to 9840 9915 or send to PO BOX 42 Merrylands NSW 2160.


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Youth Achievement Program

Holroyd City Council celebrates and supports the achievements of local young people who have excelled in their particular field and have been selected to represent the Holroyd community at a state, national or international level.

One off Grants of up to $550 may be granted by Council in response to specific requests for financial assistance, in the following areas:


  • To represent the Holroyd community in any sport (football, netball, swimming etc.), at a state, national or international level.
  • Documentation required: Invitation letter from peak sporting body.


  • To represent the Holroyd community through a cultural activity (dancing, singing, theatre etc.) at a state, national or international level.
  • Documentation required: Invitation letter from event organiser


  • To represent the Holroyd community through an academic or educative activity (Matheltes, Language, Science Fair etc.) at a state, national or international level.
  • Documentation required: Invitation letter from event organiser

Community Service

  • To represent the Holroyd community through a community involvement activity (public speaking, debating, presentation at conference) at a state, national or international level.
  • Documentation required: Invitation letter from event organiser.

Funding Available:

 Type of representative  Individual Income  Team Amount
 State  $150  $200
 National  $250  $300
 International  $500  $550


Prospective applicants are encouraged to read the Youth Achievement Program Guidelines before submitting an Application Form. For more information on the Youth Achievement Program, please contact Council’s Community Projects Officer on 9840 9910

Relevant Documents

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Make a Choice DVD

This program is a resource that aims to reduce bullying, and is particularly effective as it is interactive and designed by students. It is an intended guide that can be used in workshops or adapted to suit the intended audience. There are links and contacts for more information, and encourages the strategy of peer influence to stop bullying amongst children, youth and teenagers.

For more about ‘Make a Choice’ and to obtain the form to have your copy of the program, please phone 9840 9912.

Relevant Documents


Parramatta Holroyd Youth Action Team (PHYAT)

This network is committed to supporting youth service provides and the community in their efforts to provide equitable and improved quality program provision to young people. PHYAT is an inter agency committee that works with young people aged 12 to 25 years who live, work or study, or frequent the Holroyd and Parramatta local Government areas. The network advocates on behalf of young people, and works towards identifying and enhancing their needs. This is through information forums, resources, training, support, education and community awareness.

Guildford and Wentworthville Youth Services
Guildford and Wentworthville Youth Services provide activities and programs for young people aged between 12 and 18, who live, study, work in, or frequent the Holroyd LGA. Young people can obtain information, support and referrals regarding many youth issues and assistance with job seeking and resumes. Homework and tutorial support is offered free for young people in Years 7 – 12. There are a number of structured and unstructured activities held at each centre focusing on educational, recreational, cultural arts and living skills, multimedia projects and School Holiday Programs.
Phone: 9681 3316 (Guildford) or 9636 4969 (Wentworthville)

Holroyd Youth Services Merrylands
Holroyd Youth Services offer various resources and services for young people living in the Holroyd LGA including community projects and events. Holroyd Youth Services provides young people with a safe place to socialise develop new skills and pursue their interests. Youth Workers can assist young people with advice and referral, education/training, employment, housing, counselling, health and relationships.
Phone: 9637 1535

Granville Multicultural Community Centre
The Granville Multicultural Community Centre is a non-profit organisation which offers a variety of services, educational and social activities to residents in the local area.
Phone: 9637 7600

Youth Off the Streets (Merrylands.)The Dunlea Alcohol and other Drug Youth Service
Dunlea is designed for young people between the age of 13-19 years who have problematic levels of drug and alcohol use. The service also caters for their families who may be struggling with the issues surrounding the young person’s substance abuse.
Phone: 9721 5714

Youth Off the Streets – Chapel School, Key College, Merrylands Campus
The Chapel School offers an opportunity for young people to make positive change for the future. Offering programs for young people at risk of becoming disengaged or already disconnected from mainstream education. Programs are individually tailored to assist in developing the skills required to return to mainstream education or to access further training or employment.
Phone: 9721 5729

High Street Health Youth Services
High Street Youth Health Service (HSYHS) is part of the Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS). HSYHS works with young people aged 12–24 years (and their significant others) connected to the SWAHS catchment area. HSYHS provides a range of specialised services to effectively meet the health needs of young people. HSYHS prioritises the needs of marginalised, homeless and ‘at risk’ young people aged 12–24 years. Services offered include: computer/Internet access, counselling, drug rehab/withdrawal, doctor/medical help and advice, housing information, referrals and education/support groups and peer support.
Phone: 9687 2544

Youth Achievement Program

Guildford and Wentworthville Youth Services

Guildford and Wentworthville Youth Services

A space for young people aged 12-18 years to participate in a range of activities and programs to benefit their engagement with the Community. Renovated centres in Guildford, and an abundance of facilities in Wentworthville gives young people a fantastic platform for education and social acceptance.

Visit Guildford Youth Services, Wentworthville Youth Services or chat to Council’s Youth Services team to find out more please phone 9840 9912.

Asbestos Education.

Eaze the Wheeze - Asbestos Education

Holroyd High School have educated young people on the dangers of asbestos through music and video workshops. It is aptly titled ‘Ease the Wheeze’ and is the direct result of student collaboration for raising awareness among residents. The Council’s Asbestos Education Project was developed to be used as a resource to educate the community, particularly young people, on asbestos including related health effects. This project has been an innovative and preventative approach to engage young people about asbestos awareness. There’s songwriting and film making techniques to deliver educational messages about asbestos.

Copies of the videos available on request, please phone 9840 9997.