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Swimming Pool Register.

Swimming Pool Register

This registration will make owners responsible for their pool, and that the access area is enclosed and maintained. The NSW’s Government’s new Swimming Pool Register is designed to help reduce backyard pool drowning incidents and injuries. This is new legislation aimed at promoting the need for regular checks and compliance with Australian standards. Swimming pools must be register by 29 October 2013 or failure to do so can incur a $220 penalty. Council will develop, in consultation with the community, a swimming pool inspection program.

Visit the Department of Local Government for detailed information on the recent legislative changes to Backyard Swimming Pools please phone 9840 9840.

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Asbestos Advocacy

Leading practices and complete compliance standards are part of Holroyd’s commitment to keeping the City’s residents safe in the environment, for free.

The Council is well regarded for their lobbying about safe asbestos removal and disposal.

A collection program is now functioning for locals to have Council lawfully pick up their small  quantities (up to 10sqm) of loose bonded asbestos pieces.

To contribute to the service, Council has a short survey to help regulate the removal and disposal of asbestos in the area.

Residents are encouraged to read our Asbestos Policy  and to register for the collection please phone 9840 9664 or 9840 9715.

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Workplace Memorial

Workplace Tragedy Memorial Support Group

Using stories and experiences to make an active contribution to safety, the Workplace Tragedy Support Group is supported by Council.

There is a commitment to finding better ways to prevent injury and loss of life.

Their aim is to humanise statistics behind workplace accidents so that they can bring about a cultural change to workplace safety.

The Workplace Tragedy Memorial Plaque is located at the former Goodlet and Smith Brick Pitsite on Brickworks Drive in Merrylands. It provides a dignified place for families to go and remember their loved ones.

To have a family member’s name on the wall or take part in the Group, please phone Helen on 9840 9840 or email

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Fire Safety and Fireworks

The burning of any vegetation or domestic waste is prohibited within the Holroyd City Council area (Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010). This waste should be either composted or alternately removed to a waste facility licensed to accept it.

Smoke from wood heaters is a major cause of air pollution. In fact, during winter, wood heaters can produce up to seven times as much particle pollution as cars.

To hold a fireworks display on Council controlled land you must first obtain Council permission before making application to WorkCover for the necessary permit.

For more information on Fire Safety and Fireworks in Holroyd, please call Council on 9840 9840 to speak to our Environmental Health Unit.

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