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Road Management

To ensure the proper upkeep of the City’s road network, Council carries out regular maintenance and upgrades. Check the Capital Works Program to see all upcoming road maintenance as well as park upgrades and other projects. There is a list of roads that are specifically classified to the RMA (13 17 00) for road maintenance and it is their responsibility. Footpath areas, kerb to fence, are the responsibility of Council except for the M4 motorway.

For requests to work done to other roads, you can contact Council, please phone 9840 9840.

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Road closures.

Road Safety

An adopted combined approach of education, engineering and enforcement strengthens Council’s active role in making community roads safer. This is to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents by targeting specific high risk road user groups with localised information. These road safety programs allow Council to plan future strategies that will increase community awareness. The Road Safety Statistical Analysis examines accidents that have occurred in Holroyd, and determines contributing factors and trends. Council can determine who is at risk and then develop projects that will assist those target groups. Holroyd is working towards growing community support, ownership and participating in road safety issues. Council encourages and promotes responsible road user behaviour. Council is currently providing free vouchers to residents for the installation or safety check of child restraints, and running free workshops for supervising drivers of learners to increase their knowledge and skills to best assist from the passenger seat.

To find out more about Roads and Road Safety please phone Nicole Hunt on 9840 9880.

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Traffic Management

Traffic Management

To keep the City connected and safe, Council regularly carries out and reviews Traffic Management Plans throughout the local area. Holroyd is committed to addressing new requests for traffic and parking signs, maintaining already existing traffic signs, and installing safety and calming devices. A Local Area Traffic Management Policy guides the outcome of these requests. Council also has a Traffic Committee who deal with these requests.

Further enquiries can be directed to Council’s Traffic Engineer please phone 9840 9880 or email

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Upholding and continuously improving the access and safety of the community, Council manages the maintenance and upgrades of footpaths in the area. This is included as part of our Road Management priorities. Residents are able to Request New Footpaths and must follow the details listed so that inspectors are able to investigate the site.

For further information on footpaths please phone 9840 9840.

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Providing equal and convenient access to all drivers, Council manages both the allocation and regulation of public parking across the City streets and parking lots. Holroyd Council provides residents with information on parking, location of free Council Car Parks and the rules associated with using them, On Street details, requests for disabled parking spots and public transport. The aim of Council is to provide educational material to residents so they observe any restrictions that have been put in place by the City.

Be across Parking in Holroyd and for more information please phone 9840 9840.

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The Holroyd Cycle Network

The program is designed to create a safe, effective and enjoyable environment for cyclists in Holroyd. This will allow cyclists to access all areas of Holroyd including places of employment, entertainment, retail, residential and recreation. The Holroyd Cycle Network is a road safety strategy that identifies and develops existing and future bicycle routes and consists of the development, construction, implementation of a bicycle network for Holroyd. The plan includes development of new routes as well as an audit of existing bicycle routes within Holroyd to determine repairs, enhancement and improvement of facilities. It will provide economic benefits through a more productive workforce, and the direct employment of local contractors to undertake planning, construction and enhancement works.

Find out more about Holroyd’s Cycleways and if you’re interested in shaping the network please phone 9840 9880.

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Street Lighting

Endeavour Energy is responsible for the repair of public street lights in Holroyd. If you see a light that isn’t working then call Endeavour Energy on 131 003 or complete the Online Repair Request Form. You will need to provide them with:

  • Name and phone number
  • House number adjacent to the light or the number of the pole
  • Street and suburb
  • Nearest cross street to the light and any other special features

Requests for additional lighting on public land such as roads, footpaths, and traffic facilities must be in writing to Holroyd City Council and include the following information:

  • Accurate location of the requested lighting
  • Reason for request

Holroyd City Council
PO Box 42

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