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Heritage Awards and Grants

The Holroyd Heritage Awards and Grants programs are run annually and aim to show Council’s appreciation to those who have an active role in preserving and maintaining Holroyd’s heritage or demonstrate an interest in learning about local history.

Heritage Awards

There are four categories of the Heritage Awards program that aim to involve a broad range of people who are active in maintaining and restoring their heritage listed properties, those who have a general interest in Holroyd’s history and the young members of our community through the children’s competition.

Categories 3 and 4 in 2015 are based on the Centenary of World War One and the Awards program focuses on local people and groups who were involved in the war effort.

Below are details of the four categories:

Category 1: Best Maintained Heritage Property – this category awards private owners for maintaining their property.

Category 2: Restoration & Redevelopment – this category awards private property owners of heritage listed items (and those adjoining) for undertaking quality restorations and heritage improvements through development.

Category 3: HistoResearch: researching our local history – this category is open to anyone of high school age and above who is interested in local history and heritage. To commemorate the Centenary of World War One, participants are invited to research a local person, group or aspect of Holroyd’s history that relates to the war effort. Entrants are encouraged to be imaginative and present their work in either a written or visual format that utilises a creative technique such as digital media. Entries must show originality and a high level of primary research.

Category 4: Keeper of the Stone (children’s award) – this category is open to primary school children who are invited to enter the colouring-in competition. This year’s activity is based on the theme of the Centenary of World War One with a local focus. This category consists of two divisions for Years K-2 and Years 3-6.

Entry forms, colouring-in stencil and award guidelines including entry criteria are available to download under Forms and Guidelines. Entries in the Holroyd Heritage Awards must be accompanied by the official relevant entry form and must be received by midnight on Tuesday, 26 May 2015.


Categories 1 and 2 Bronze plaque to the value of $800 that can be affixed to the front of the property.

Category 3 Choice of accommodation at one of three pre-determined heritage listed properties in the Blue Mountains or a BridgeClimb Sydney gift voucher for three people plus 3 tickets to experience The ‘Heart of the Rocks’ Walking Tour. Both prizes are up to the value of $1,000.

Category 4 This category has two divisions: Years K-2 and Years 3-6. The overall winner of this category will be the best entry from both divisions. The winner will be titled the “Keeper of the Stone” and receive the Holroyd Heritage Stone for 1 year, a $150 book voucher and framed certificate. The Runner-up will be the winner of the remaining division and will receive a $150 book voucher and framed certificate.

Please refer to the Holroyd Heritage Awards Guidelines below for eligibility and category criteria. If you wish to enter one or more categories, please complete and submit the relevant application form(s) available below.

Heritage Award entries close at midnight on Tuesday, 26 May 2015.

Heritage Grants

Council offers up to $4,000 to owners of heritage listed items under the Holroyd Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 who are seeking financial assistance with small restoration and/or maintenance projects on their property. Properties within a heritage conservation area are also eligible to apply if the proposed works will contribute to the heritage significance/character of the conservation area.

Please refer to the Local Heritage Fund Guidelines below for eligibility criteria and examples of types of work that may receive funding. If you would like to apply for a grant, please complete and submit the application form as well as any required supporting documentation.

The closing date for Heritage Grant applications is Tuesday, 26 May 2015.

You can submit you entry or application by:

Mail: The General Manager Deliver: 16 Memorial Avenue
PO Box 42 Merrylands NSW 2160
Merrylands NSW 2160

Email: hcc@holroyd.nsw.gov.au (except colouring-in competition entries. Please submit these by post or hand delivery)

Forms and Guidelines