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The Wentworthville Centre Planning and Place Making Strategy is now open for public comment.
Merrylands City Square - Stakeholder Engagement Holroyd City Council will be holding a second community consultation workshop with local businesses and the community to gain input into what you would like to see in your new City Square.
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The Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation Project is underway. See what transformations are planned for turning Merrylands into a vibrant, active, and exciting City.


Developments in progress (1)

Building Controls

Ensuring safe compliance for the building occupants, in conjunction with the Building Code of Australia, Holroyd Development Control Plan and relevant Australian Standards, Council conducts compliance inspections. They ensure the terms and conditions of a development consent issued by Council are being satisfactorily complied with. If Council is nominated as the Principal Certifying Authority for your project then your approval will contain details of the inspections required.

There is a list of Building Controls, and inspections can be booked in by visiting the Council Chambers or please phone 9840 9840.

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Business (20)

Business Licences

To ensure businesses across the City comply with Federal and State operating standards and regulations, Council manages the review and consent of business licenses. Council educates potential business owners on regulations through newsletters, information fact sheets, local guides and checklists.

For more information contact Council on 9840 9840.

Developments in progress (7)

Construction Certificates

To certify compliance with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, and all relevant Australian Standards, Council issues Construction Certificates that assures plans and specifications  are consistent with the development consent. In addition to obtaining your Development Consent, you will need to obtain this certificate and fill out the Construction Form.

Ensure you have covered the Building and Construction procedures required before commencing work, and to check with Council please phone 9840 9840.

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Developments in progress (8)

Development Controls

To achieve the aims and objections of the Holroyd Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) provides guidance for the design and operation of development within the City. This includes revised controls for residential development, including dwelling houses and dual occupancies, commercial and mixed-used development in centres and corridors, and industrial development. The Plan has now be finalised after public exhibitions and community consultation.

Ensure your development is on track with Council’s DCP and for more information please phone 9840 9831.


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