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Cultural Diversity

Get To Know Council

Community Education - Getting to Know Your Local Council

Community migrant residents are provided with tools they require to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of local Government. Council conducts two of these education programs each year. The session runs for two hours per week for three weeks, and can be delivered in English and the relevant language. Accredited interpreters are used to translate information. Topics covered include community services, facilities, environmental and planning services, engineering services and meetings.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Community Development Officer, please phone 9840 9694.

Culture in Holroyd

When we talk about culture …

Culture in its widest sense is about what matters to people and communities.
It is about…

  • Relationships, shared memories and experiences
  • Identity, history and a sense of place
  • The different cultural and religious backgrounds found in most communities
  • The things we consider valuable for passing on to future generations
  • It is our way of connecting the present with the past and the future

Holroyd city is an area rich in cultural activity and practices. Culture is multidimensional

  • it defines our sense of place and our identity
  • it manifests as material products of our creativity
  • it is our engagement with and participation in creative processes

Local cultural planning

  • Helps councils integrate and focus their efforts in all the areas that affect the quality of people’s lives
  • It links those efforts with broader management plans and strategies
  • Councils gain a clearer sense of a community’s aspirations and values
  • This in turn informs policy-making and planning decisions for the whole community
  • Cultural planning can provide a way of integrating and connecting the various strategic plans within council

When harnessed to local government’s strategic objectives, cultural planning can help councils

  • Tackle social exclusion
  • Contribute to urban regeneration via place making
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Build safer communities
  • Improve community well-being
  • Encourage healthier lifestyles


city View Smoking cere 161

artwork on display in council foyer

Foyer Exhibition Space

Council wants to encourage, stimulate, and promote local cultural activities through an active and diverse exhibition program.

The arts and cultural development program will be located inside the Chambers at Merrylands with a particular interest in featuring local emerging and established artists who live in or have some connection to the Holroyd area.

Installations occur monthly and are open to view during Council working hours.

Submit your artwork for this year’s program by reading and filling out one of the following;

For more information contact Council’s Cultural Officer on 9840 9948 or email