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Scores on Doors

Local Holroyd customers can now be more aware of Food Safety with a Council program that indicates a business’ standard through a star rating. Participating food outlets are required to display their ‘Scorecard’ which identifies the result of their last routine inspection. Council provides ongoing updates regarding the program in the Holroyd Food Bulletin and is intended for supermarkets, delicatessens, low risk food businesses or pre-packaged food outlets.

Businesses can nominate themselves for participation by contacting the Council’s Environmental Health Unit please phone 9840 9828.

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Public Health and Skin Penetration Surveillance

With several risks associated with skin penetration procedures including the spread of infectious disease, Council has adopted a program with a Register for premises in the local area. Ensure your business is registered to avoid penalties. Residents can access the Council’s Fact Sheets for industry specific information. It is important that the Holroyd community is aware of dangers and responsibilities, and understand why it is essential business in this industry comply with legislative regulations.

Current information about the Hair and Beauty Industry is available and for more details please phone 9840 9840.

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Legionella Surveillance

Council is committed to keeping the community safe, and do so by maintaining accurate records of registers like the location of Cooling Towers in the Holroyd area. This provides assistance to Council inspections, which take place annually during the financial period, when there may be increased frequency due to notifications of Legionella or clusters.

If you have recently installed a cooling tower or increased the number on your premises complete Council’s  Water Cooling System Registration Form and please phone 9840 9840.

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Holroyd's Environmental Assessment Program (HEAP)

Holroyd’s program assesses the practices of commercial and industrial activities to ensure environmental best practice to service community residents. HEAP conducts regular inspections of businesses within the various industrial areas of the Local Government area. The Protection of Environment Operations Act 1997 is Council’s checklist. Where minor deficiencies are observed, Council will work with the business to ensure these matters are addressed within a suitable time frame.

For more information please visit the Info Hub or phone 9840 9840 to speak with the Environmental Health and Waste Unit.

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Graffiti Management

It is the Council’s priority and commitment to respond quickly, educate and engage residents about managing graffiti in the Community. There is a responsibility to ensure a clean living area in Holroyd that does not reduce social, environmental and economic life. In accordance with Council’s Graffiti Management Plan, graffiti is removed from all property owned and managed by the Council. Holroyd will continue to work towards targeting issues and problems surrounding graffiti with a proactive approach. If you’re the victim of graffiti, Council will organise a quote for private property. Holroyd provides residents with Further Information and Handy Tips about graffiti in the community.

To report graffiti on Council or private property please phone 9840 9840 or email

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Food Safety Training - I'm Alert

Providing a free online food safety tutorial, this Council program is great for business owners and employees to complete as part of their education in safe practices.

‘I’m Alert’ covers a wide range of Food Safety issues. Once completed, you will receive a certificate that you can keep for your own records. The course is available in English and Cantonese. This program will assist the compulsory Food Safety Supervisor training required to be completed by each business.

Complete your Food Safety Training or please phone 9840 9840 for more information.


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Food Safety Surveillance Program

Designed to educate the food handler and encourage the provision of safe goods to the consumer, Council has designed a program which will introduce a set of good practices to minimise risks. It will also breed customer confidence which can have a flow on effect by increasing business trade. Council maintains a comprehensive database of all premises selling food within Holroyd as part of this program. An officer inspects whilst discussing changes to food related legislation, and offers professional advice to businesses and their staff. Council’s commitment to safety is demonstrated by comprehensive education to minimise food poisoning in its community. The Council has several documents relating to Food Safety, Legislation and Guidelines available as educational resources for residents.

For more information on Food Safety services and programs available including Registering Your Food Business please phone 9840 9840 or email

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Commercial Waste and Recycling

The Commercial Waste and Recycling Service fortnightly collections are conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays, and premises can nominate which day they prefer for their once weekly pick-up.

Interested businesses need to fill out the Request for Commercial Waste and or Recycling Service Form and return with the fee to Council’s Customer Centre or for more information please phone 9840 9814.

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Get Smart About Community Sharps

Recently launched, the community can be educated on the importance of correctly disposing sharps and provide further outlets for responsible disposal. A limited number of free sharps disposal kits are available for residents of Holroyd suffering medical conditions that require self injection. For more information about what to do if you find a syringe in the local community, read the Community Sharps Brochure and see more on our Syringe Disposal section.

Council Chambers and participating local pharmacies have the kits available or you can request please phone 9840 9840.

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Small Business Support

Holroyd City Council works with small businesses across the region on advocating for support, running and promoting in-demand courses and programs and delivering information resources that can help their business thrive. From developing guides to sustainability and kits on how to market products and services, Council forms relationships with local food, retail and professional service outlets to really understand what they need and to provide quality support and services.

For more information please visit the Info Hub or contact Council on 9840 9840.

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Missed Business Guide

Holroyd Council is pleased to be able to provide the Missed Business Guide to our local businesses.  The guide provides easy to read, practical tips and advice for improving the accessibility of your business to all customers. Many businesses lose potentially valuable customers simply because they are not easily accessible.  Council’s commitment in producing the Missed Business Guide  is to provide local business owners with the necessary information that will help them to make their businesses available to all members of the public, including people with disabilities, the elderly and mother’s with prams. Also, by following the information in this guide, businesses will be able to meet the mandatory requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

This guide was originally produced as a collaborative project between Marrickville Council (NSW) and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Holroyd City Council has produced this guide based on material developed by Marrickville Council and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Cartoons by Simon Kneebone.

For more information please contact Council on 9840 9840.