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Holroyd City Council will hold an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands.
Bookings for the December 2015 / January 2016 School Holiday Program close Friday 4 December 2015. Secure your child's place in the program by booking now.
The Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation Project is underway. See what transformations are planned for turning Merrylands into a vibrant, active, and exciting City.
Council is looking to help facilitate the revitalisation and renewal of Wentworthville Town Centre.
Are you commencing full time studies at Western Sydney University in 2016? You may be eligible for a Holroyd City Council scholarship.
Quality, affordable child care and education... Based on flexibility and family.

Media Releases

Fit for the Future


Hands Off Holroyd


Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation


Audit Shows Sydney Councils Making $1Million a Day

30 November 2015 – Media Release Holroyd City Council has announced it is only one of five of Sydney’s 41 Councils to achieve all ten of the State Government’s own financial benchmarks and deemed financially Fit for the Future. Mayor Greg Cummings said he was proud that Holroyd remained debt free and had recorded an […]

Holroyd is Really Recycling Right

26 November 2015 – Media Release More than 12,000 recycling bins have been randomly inspected at the halfway point of Council’s six-month ‘Recyling Right’ program. “Holroyd residents’ recycling efforts are being rewarded under the new education program that encourages ‘Recycling Right’ between August 2015 and February 2016,” said Holroyd Mayor Greg Cummings. “An earlier audit […]

Holroyd Award Winning for the Environment

23 November 2015 – Media Release Holroyd City Council, the local community and environment are real winners after a number of award announcements recognising the efforts of Council staff. “I am enormously proud to announce that Holroyd is home to the NSW Environmental Health Professional of the Year,” said Holroyd Mayor Greg Cummings. “Stuart Nunn, […]

Liberty Swing for Holroyd Children

23 November 2015 – Media Release Holroyd children in wheelchairs will soon have the chance to enjoy the simple pleasure of a playground swing following the installation of a Liberty Swing in Central Gardens, Merrylands. “Every child should have the opportunity to feel the freedom of playing on a swing and Holroyd Council is delighted […]

Holroyd Gardens Blooming Beautiful

16 November, 2015                                         Holroyd Gardens Blooming Beautiful   The best green thumbs across Holroyd were rewarded this week at the annual Holroyd Garden Awards following comprehensive inspections by the judges.   “The Holroyd Garden Awards have been running for more than 20 years and the competition gets tougher each year with the […]

Public Rally Against Forced Mergers

13 November 2015 Public Rally Against Forced Mergers On the day that Councils have to agree to merge or be forcibly merged, Holroyd will come together other Councils, MPs, the Save Our Councils Coalition and concerned residents in a public rally to fight any attempt by the Baird Government to force Councils to merge against […]

Holroyd Council Demands Baird Government Let It Stand Alone

12 November 2015   Holroyd Council Demands Baird Government Let It Stand Alone   Holroyd City Council is threatening urgent legal action against the Baird Government to ensure that it is not forced to merge against the will of the local community.   In a letter issued today to Premier Mike Baird and Local Government […]