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The Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation Project is underway. See what transformations are planned for turning Merrylands into a vibrant, active, and exciting City.
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Fit for the Future


Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation


Hands Off Holroyd


New Campaign to Keep Councils Local

25 August 2015 – Media Release Holroyd City Council is supporting a new campaign highlighting how NSW councils are committed to true local government reforms in order to keep delivering better services and facilities now and into the future. In response to the State Government’s advertisement depicting councils and communities as “cogs in the wheel”, […]

Holroyd City Council sees the (LED) light

24 August 2015 – Media Release Nine Western Sydney councils, including Holroyd City Council, have joined forces to reduce energy costs and consumption by replacing old and inefficient street lights in many of their suburbs. The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils’ (WSROC) Light Years Ahead project will replace approximately 13,000 street lights in nine […]

Holroyd to Host Premier’s Community Cabinent

21 August 2015 – Media Release Mayor Greg Cummings has welcomed an undertaking from Premier Mike Baird to visit Holroyd City Council to discuss a range of important local issues. The Premier agreed to hold a special Community Cabinet meeting in Holroyd after a request from Mayor Cummings during last night’s WSROC Board meeting. In […]

Holroyd Locals ‘Worse Off’ Under Mega Council

10 August 2015 – Media Release Mayor Greg Cummings has told a Parliamentary Inquiry into local government that the people of Holroyd will go from “no debt to a debt of $257 per person” under a proposed Western Sydney mega council. Giving evidence at the public hearing at State Parliament today, Mayor Cummings warned how […]

Former Mayors say Hands Off Holroyd

10 August 2015 – Media Release Former Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Councillors representing Holroyd City Council over the past 40 years, have come together to join the growing chorus of community opposition to Holroyd being forcibly merged into a Mega Council. At a special morning tea event at Council on Friday 7 August, the former […]

Holroyd Mayor Fights to Save Multicultural Council

10 August 2015 – Media Release Holroyd Mayor Greg Cummings told a Parliamentary Inquiry today that the multicultural community in Holroyd could lose out if the State Government’s planned amalgamations went ahead. Mayor Cummings gave evidence at the Legislative Council’s Inquiry into Local Government and summarised Holroyd’s ‘Fit for the Future’ submission to continue as […]

Holroyd Seniors Supporting NO Mergers

10 August 2015 – Media Release Two busloads of senior citizens hit the streets of Holroyd last week in celebration of Local Government Week on the popular Seniors Coach Trip. The residents in their 60s, 70s and 80s spent the day touring the sites of their hometown and surprised the Mayor with their support for […]