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Living Holroyd

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Living Holroyd Program - Overview

Council’s Living Holroyd program has been created to focus our city on the future, with Council and our community working together.

The program takes in a wide-range of components and presents opportunities for direct community involvement in Council’s planning process and to shape the future of our city.

This section of Council’s website has been designed to act as a portal to access plans, view updates and provide input on the Living Holroyd program.

As the program evolves, information will be updated and links to resources provided to ensure the latest progress is provided, across the following components:

  • Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • Our Plans
  • Engaging our Community
  • Balanced, Sustainable Strategies
  • Be Involved

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Integrated Planning and Reporting

The Division of Local Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting structure has been developed to replace existing Council planning requirements and will enable Council to strategically respond to current and future community needs.

Council is required to develop a long-range planning system which refines its focus through community engagement and seeks to align the provision of Council Services with resources at financial, asset and human resource level.

The core aims of Integrated Planning and Reporting include the development of:

  • a direct connection between Council and our Community’s vision and expectations
  • a strengthened strategic focus for Council
  • improved sustainability for the local community through encouraging Council, State agencies and our Community to work together
  • a detailed understanding of the regional context within which Council operates
  • integrated planning processes across Council, our Community and key stakeholders to reduce red tape and streamline reporting

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Community Strategic Plan

The Living Holroyd Community Strategic Plan has been developed to map the future of Holroyd City, representing the voice of over 2,000 participants in the Living Holroyd Program to date.

Establishing a central vision for Holroyd and a series of supporting long-term strategies, the Community Strategic Plan balances a commitment to social cohesion, the local economy, our natural and built environments and all members of the Holroyd Community.

Unlike previous plans, the Community Strategic Plan has been written from the perspective of the community. It outlines what we as a collective see as important to the future of our city and highlights what we can expect to see and experience as Holroyd grows through the next 20 years. The plan itself is built upon a set of 5 Directions, which will form the basis of all Council operations through a supporting Delivery Program, strategic resource plan and additional operational and project plans currently under development.

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Engaging Our Community

Living Holroyd has delivered the plans outlined above through engaging our community and actively seeking your views on the future of our City. Council has undertaken extensive engagement with the Community to identify the community vision, aspirations and priorities for the future. The feedback obtained through this process was used to develop the Living Holroyd Visions and Options Paper  which in turn assisted our community to develop the Living Holroyd Community Strategic Plan.

During 2012, the Living Holroyd Community Strategic Plan was reviewed to:

  • Update the demographics information in the Community Strategic Plan in light of the 2011 Census data.
  • Reflect the new NSW State Plan and its strategies
  • Ensure that the aspirations of our Community and Council are still reflected in the Community Strategic Plan

The Living Holroyd Community Engagement Strategy has been updated to guide the review of the Community Strategic Plan and encourages the involvement of all members of the Holroyd Community. The Strategy has been designed to account for the size and composition of our population, while also focusing on the role of our Councillors and Council staff in the review process.

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The City Progress Report

The City Progress Report , (also known as the End of Term Report), has been prepared under Section 428A(2) of the Local Government Act and related Guidelines/Manuals, to report the progress of the implementation and effectiveness of the Living Holroyd Community Strategic Plan.

The City Progress Report is structured to report on the outcomes and strategies in the Living Holroyd Community Strategic Plan. The plan is 12 months old and therefore this report focuses on the initiatives that Council has direct responsibility over, listing achievements by Council in meeting its responsibility in delivering on the community’s aspirations for the 12 month period. Incorporated into each of the Values, are the results of the recent 2012 Living Holroyd Survey , a list of partners and their relationships with Council and a summary of our progress towards the City Targets.


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