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The Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation Project is underway. See what transformations are planned for turning Merrylands into a vibrant, active, and exciting City.
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City Centre Revitalisation (Public Domain Project)


  • To refresh and update the look and feel of the Merrylands City Centre
  • To support the revitalisation of the Merrylands City Centre
  • To improve connectivity within the Merrylands City Centre
  • Will support the activation of laneways for pedestrians
  • Will create a blueprint for developers on the look and feel of the Merrylands City Centre

As part of the Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation Project, Holroyd has identified the need for a fresh new modern look and feel for the streets of the Merrylands City Centre. The City Centre Revitalisation (Public Domain) Project will provide a consistent look across the City, specifically in the areas of hard and soft streetscape landscaping for existing and future developments.

The City Centre Revitalisation (Public Domain) Project will promote activation between laneways and transport areas for pedestrians throughout the Merrylands City Centre by providing suitable lighting and walkways.

Existing and future developments will benefit from a fresh and modern look for the Merrylands City Centre, by providing a consistent blueprint for delivering the public streetscape for years to come.

Q & A

What areas does it cover?

The City Centre Revitalisation (Public Domain) Project will involve all public areas of hard and soft landscaping within the streetscape across the Merrylands City Centre.

It will include all streets, laneways, open space, transport areas, City Square and retail strips.

When will it occur?

The revitalisation of the City Centre through modern and fresh landscaping will be ongoing, through the programmed replacement of existing street furniture (as required) and through current and future development.

What things are being looked at?

Areas that will be covered by the City Centre Revitalisation (Public Domain) Project include:

  • Seating;
  • Lighting;
  • Bins;
  • Bus stops;
  • Footpaths;
  • Cycling Facilities;
  • Companion and animal facilities;
  • Street signage;
  • Trees and soft landscaping;
  • Hard paving.

Where is it up to?

In early 2013, Council commissioned a Public Domain Study for the Merrylands CBD.  In 2013, Council adopted the S94 Development Contribution Plan.

Council is in the process of appointing a lead consultant to prepare detail concept designs and the new public streetscape pallet for the Merrylands City Centre.


City Centre Revitalisation - Location
City Centre Revitalisation Map

Timeline (anticipated)

  • 2015 – Design developed
  • 2016 – Works to commence