Toy Library

Cumberland Council provides a toy library service at the Wentworthville Library, 2 Lane Street, Wentworthville.

Phone: 9896 0083 or 9631 7564

In addition to borrowing books, magazines or movies… borrow toys for your child to play with! It’s a great way for your child to enjoy the novelty of a new toy without the expense.

Toys can be borrowed for any child or groups of children under 11 years old.

Before borrowing you must become a member of the Toy Library by completing a membership form and paying an annual fee. You will need to bring your membership card every time you borrow.

Annual membership options:

  • $23.70 to borrow one toy at a time for two weeks
  • $23.70 for special needs children to borrow two toys at a time for two weeks
  • $35.00 to borrow two toys at a time for two weeks
  • $43.30 to borrow three toys at a time for two weeks
  • $51.50 to borrow five toys at a time for two weeks
  • $58.70 for groups to borrow four toys at a time for four weeks

Why a Toy Library?

Toy libraries promote child learning and development through play experiences. Toys give children direct experiences and information about themselves and their environment and develop basic awareness, attitudes and skills essential to later learning.

What We Offer

We offer a range of toys, suitable for young children and children with special needs. All the toys in the library help children develop various skills, provide enjoyment for groups and individuals, and stimulate creativity and positive social behaviour.

Conditions of Borrowing

  • Borrowers are responsible for the toys they borrow.
  • Please ensure all pieces are there when returning the toys and that the bag and toy tag are intact.
  • Children in the toy library area must be accompanied.
  • A replacement cost will be charged for lost or damaged toys rendered unsuitable for further borrowing. This cost is shown on the toy tag.
  • When a toy is suitable for borrowing but has lost a piece, the member will have four weeks to find the piece, after which a replacement fee per piece will be imposed.
  • All toys will be checked on return but we recommend that borrowers count toy pieces before use and notify the library immediately if any parts are missing.

Care of Toys

All members are asked to keep the toys in their special library bag. Special toy carry bags are available for loan at no charge. Please ask staff at desk.


Please clean the toys by wiping them over with a diluted mixture of a safe disinfectant before returning them.


The toy collection has been organised according to an abbreviated form of the English Toy Library Association ABC of toys, grouping toys according to their use:

  • Activity (dark blue)
  • Baby Play (pink)
  • Coordination (purple)
  • Discrimination (yellow)
  • Expression (light blue)
  • Fun & Games (green)

Party Packs

Cumberland Council Toy Library also has Party Packs for hire for a $25 fee.

These packs are available to all borrowers and may be hired for weekends or during the week by arrangement.

There are currently 2 party packs available, divided into 2 age groups:

  • Pack 1 is suitable for children aged 1-4 years
  • Pack 2 is suitable for children aged 3-6 years
Party Pack 11

Pack 1 (1 – 4 years)

Kangaroo climber

Up and down roller coaster

Whale teeter-totter

Party Pack 22 Pack 2 (3 – 6 years)

Activity Gym

Up and down roller coaster

Alligator teeter-totter