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Graffiti is the illegal defacement of public and/or private property with markings or graphics without the owner’s consent. Graffiti can take many forms including design, words or images using paint, permanent markers, scratching or other materials such as stickers and bill posters.

In New South Wales graffiti is considered a crime (vandalism) and is punishable by fines, community service orders or imprisonment.


Council’s Graffiti Management Plan  details Council’s approach to graffiti management and removal.

Council is responsible for removing graffiti off its own property which includes:

  • Council managed bus shelters
  • Signs such as street signs, etc
  • Council buildings such as libraries, civic centres, public toilets
  • Parks and playground equipment
  • Roads and footpaths

Graffiti from Private Property, can be removed, in certain circumstances, if the removal can be carried out from a public place. See the Graffiti Management Plan for details.

Council will remove graffiti from privately owned fences adjoining public land at no cost. A service is provided for the removal of graffiti from private property including shop fronts.

Report Graffiti

Council (Report or Request quote): Call 9840 9840 or email – 

To report graffiti for removal on a public authority’s property, call the relevant authority below:

  • Australia Post: 131 318
  • Integral Energy: 131 002
  • Railcorp: 131 500
  • Roads & Traffic Authority: 132 213
  • Sydney Water: 132 092
  • School buildings: Principal or Office Manager
  • Telstra: 132 203

Call either Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the NSW Police Assistance Line on 13 14 44 if you are the victim of graffiti, or report online at NSW Police.

Handy Hints for Graffiti Removal and Prevention

Unpainted brick:

  1. Apply graffiti remover
  2. Wait 5 minutes
  3. Scrub with a brush
  4. Hose off with water
  5. Repeat above steps until clean

Painted brick:

  1. Paint over OR apply methylated spirits with a soft brush
  2. Hose off with water

Unpainted and painted paling fence:

  1. Paint over

Colourbond fence:

  1. Apply graffiti remover
  2. Brush with a very soft brush
  3. Hose off immediately with water
  4. Paint over

You can also check the Graffiti Removal Methods Chart.

Property owners can take a number of steps to prevent graffiti and make removal easier including:

  • Avoid large, blank surfaces such as a solid colourbond fence as this provides a ‘canvas’ for graffitists.
  • Use picket fencing, bar fencing (eg. pool or wrought iron fencing), metal cyclone fencing or natural materials (eg. bamboo or bush reed).
  • Plant vegetation such as climbers, thorny shrubs or trees to break up surfaces and prevent access to walls or fencing.
  • Improve lighting as a well lit area promotes surveillance and deters vandalism.
  • Maintain your property as a property that is not kept free from litter, weeds and unrepaired damage may attract graffitists and vandalism.
  • Paint walls and fences with dark coloured paint as graffitists usually target light-colour surfaces.
  • Secure your property with adequate locks, fences and gates and ensure items such as wheelie bins and barbecues can’t be used to reach walls and rooftops.
  • Prompt removal of graffiti (within 24 to 48 hours) will discourage repeat graffiti as it doesn’t give the graffitist recognition.


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