PetFest – fun for the whole family. Sunday 14 September, 10am – 3pm, Holroyd Gardens.
Did you know your rates go to more than rubbish collection? Here’s a snapshot of our services last quarter.
Kokoda Trek Scholarship opportunity - for students 16 years and over.
Building or renovating? We can help you get the job done, the right way. Find out how at our building and information session.
Quality, affordable child care and education... Based on flexibility and family.
Visit Holroyd’s pet website to adopt a pet or for information on pet care.
Delicious recipes, no waste. Visit Love Your Leftovers or download our free app.


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Holroyd City Council would like to congratulate the 53 successful recipients of the 2014 Clubs for Holroyd ClubGRANTS scheme.

Swim Centres - Overview

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Council’s Living Holroyd program has been created to focus our city on the future.

HCC 4.

View the community’s decision on how to sustain services and infrastructure.