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Holroyd City Council will hold an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands.
Bookings for the December 2015 / January 2016 School Holiday Program close Friday 4 December 2015. Secure your child's place in the program by booking now.
The Merrylands City Centre Revitalisation Project is underway. See what transformations are planned for turning Merrylands into a vibrant, active, and exciting City.
Council is looking to help facilitate the revitalisation and renewal of Wentworthville Town Centre.
Are you commencing full time studies at Western Sydney University in 2016? You may be eligible for a Holroyd City Council scholarship.
Quality, affordable child care and education... Based on flexibility and family.


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Council’s electronic waste drop off service will operate on Sunday 6 December 8am to 12noon.

statewide petition

Support your local Council by signing the statewide petition – Say NO to Forced Amalgamation.


All members of the Holroyd Community are invited to take part in shaping Holroyd’s future by completing the 2015 Community Satisfaction Survey. The survey will collect valuable information on Council’s current service delivery, performance and the Community’s vision for the future.

The survey will ask a range of questions on Council’s services and initiatives, key areas of focus and the overall connectedness and cohesion of the Community. It is an opportunity for residents to provide their opinions and perceptions of the City and it’s Council.

Your responses to this survey will directly guide Council’s future initiatives, including the review of the Community Strategic Plan: Living Holroyd and the key actions, outcomes and performance measures to be delivered as part of this program

The survey will remain open until 4:30pm on Monday 7 December.

For more information, please contact Corporate Strategy and Engagement on (02) 9840 9840


Factsheets, Maps and Publications  including the Draft Airport Plan, Environmental Impact Statement and Indicative Flight Paths are now available for viewing on the Western Sydney Airport website.


You are invited to have a say by making a submission to influence the development of the proposed Western Sydney airport.

Submissions may be in relation to general issues covered by the draft EIS and/or the draft Airport Plan or on a specific element of the Western Sydney airport project. Submissions should:

  • Outline the general issues or specify which section each point relates to;
  • Include factual and supporting information, including the source (if possible);
  • Specify whether you wish for your submission to remain confidential; and
  • Provide contact details, including name and address, and identify any specific interest that you have in the Western Sydney Airport Project.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development may publish some or all submissions received. Submissions can be made through one of the options below:

    • Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
      Western Sydney Airport Submission
      Western Sydney Unit
      GPO Box 594
      Canberra ACT 2601

Community information sessions and static displays

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is holding a series of community information sessions in Western Sydney during October and November. These sessions are opportunities to speak to the project team to find out more about the draft Airport Plan and the draft EIS documents, the EIS process more broadly, and other information on the project. An information session for Holroyd residents will be held on:


Wednesday 18 November

4pm to 7pm
Wentworthville Community Centre

2 Lane Street, Wentworthville


You also have the opportunity to view hard copies of the draft Airport Plan and the draft EIS from 19 October 2015 to 18 December 2015 at:

Merrylands Central Library

Corner Miller and Newman Streets, Merrylands.


Houses (2)

The exhibition commenced on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 and will close on Thursday, 24 December 2015.

Council Buildings (23)

Holroyd City Council will hold an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands.

giving tree

Help less fortunate families have a nice Christmas

Pick up a gift tag, buy a gift, and place it under any of the Holroyd Giving Trees by Monday 14 December 2015. Giving Trees are located at

  • Holroyd City Council
  • Club Merrylands
  • Constitution Hill Retirement Village
  • Guildford Leagues
  • Merrylands RSL
  • Nelson Grove Retirement Village and
  • Wenty Leagues

Those who receive your gift may never get to thank you personally but will be very grateful.

Gifts donated will be delivered and distributed by

  • Church of Christ Community Care Crisis Centre
  • Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC)
  • Holroyd Community Aid and
  • Parramatta Holroyd Family Support

For enquires please contact Billy Cotsis on 9840 9997 or

Dunmore Street announcement

Council is looking to help facilitate the revitalisation and renewal of Wentworthville Town Centre. This project is called Wentworthville Centre Revitalisation Project.

Step 1

Holroyd is financially sustainable and ‘Fit for the Future’

Events (5)

Be part of something big. Promote your business through local community events. See the Event Sponsorship booklet for details.


Hear what our community thinks about the proposed merger of Holroyd City Council.

Scenery (7)

Council’s Living Holroyd program has been created to focus our city on the future.

group of people in a park

View the community’s decision on how to sustain services and infrastructure.