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Nine Western Sydney councils, including Holroyd, have joined forces to reduce energy costs and consumption by replacing old and inefficient street lights in many suburbs.

The WSROC Light Years Ahead project will replace 10% of Holroyd’s mercury vapour street lights with energy efficient LED lights in seven suburbs.

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Council is currently receiving a high number of requests in regard to damage resulting from the storms of the evening of 24 August.  The majority of requests are in regard to tree damage and blocked drains.

Council will be prioritising the clean-up over the next few days.  The initial focus will be to ensure roads and footpaths are cleared and other hazards.  Trees in parks and general clean-up of the area will be undertaken once the roads and footpaths are cleared.

Residents with storm damage to private property should contact the SES on 132 500 or their insurance company.

Council appreciates your patience during this period.

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Holroyd is financially sustainable and ‘Fit for the Future’

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Hear what our community thinks about the proposed merger of Holroyd City Council.

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Council’s Living Holroyd program has been created to focus our city on the future.

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View the community’s decision on how to sustain services and infrastructure.