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When it comes to building Western Sydney’s cultural and arts economy into the future, investing in the creativity of our young people is a priority.

“Creative Starts” is a cultural program that builds connections between Arts and educational organisations, businesses, teachers and local young artists for the Holroyd area.

“Creative Starts” is a catalyst for the development of ongoing projects and partnerships together with young artists in our community.

The “Creative Starts” exhibition includes 7 local high schools and features the artworks of Year 12 visual art students, whilst providing a platform to create art within the local community. As part of the program, prizes and certificates were awarded. Participating schools included, Catherine McCauley High School, Cerdon College, Greystanes High School, Holroyd High School Merrylands High School Tara Anglican High School and The Hills Sports High School. When assessing the art works judges considered the level of artistic skill as well as the works ability to reflect a sense of meaning for young people from the area.

This exhibition echoes a strong cultural map of Holroyd as the artwork gathered explores issues of identity and self, to anxiety, war, nature, science and technology. All real world issues that impact upon us all living within the diverse cultural fusions that makes up the city of the 21st Century.

First Place

Micah Maglaya  “Frame of Mind” – Charcoal drawing on card & paper – Catherine McAuley High

Highly Commended

Julie Vo “Expiration- Will you remember me” – Printmaking – Cerdon College

Teresa Vunivalu – untitled – Colour photographs – Merrylands High

Edward York – “Push away from it” – Graphic digital and enamel print on skateboards – Greystanes High School

Chantelle Jamison – “Cultural Fusion” – Collage & drawing on paper – The Hills Sports High School

Thank you to all the schools, students and teachers for their participation in the Creative Starts Network.  The exhibition will continue for the month of February .

For further information about the Creative Starts network and exhibition contact Martha Jabour, Cultural Officer at Holroyd council on 98409948.

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The draft documents are on public exhibition until Friday 12 February, 2016 and comments will be accepted during this period. Should you have any enquiries regarding the draft plan, please contact Council’s Recreation and Social Planner, Rob Parsonson on 02 9840 9867.

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Council is looking to help facilitate the revitalisation and renewal of Wentworthville Town Centre. This project is called Wentworthville Centre Revitalisation Project.

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